A Battery Monitoring Solution that is Low Cost, Easy to Install and Simple to Manage

Battery Monitoring Made EasyExtends The Usable Field Life Of Your BatteriesMore Accurate Than Handheld TestingReducing Truck Rolls And Carbon Emissions

BatteryInformer® Is the Most Cost Effective

The BatteryInformer® lowers the cost of battery monitoring through its
“Onboard” battery monitoring solution. Allowing lower equipment and
installation costs – and with no ongoing monitoring fees required.

In many cases, for about the same price as you’re paying for your existing
batteries, we supply a “Smart Battery” that includes 24/7 battery
monitoring and longer battery warranties.

Benefits & Features of “Smart Batteries”

In addition to 24/7 battery monitoring and a longer warranty,
BatteryInformer® also reduces OPEX by eliminating battery testing, hardening battery plants, and increasing battery reliability.

Reduced OPEX & Maintenance

  • The BatteryInformer® OnBoard-Battery-Monitor™ automatically
    monitors the battery’s state-of-health (SOH), alerting you when your
    batteries need replacing.
  • Onboard battery monitoring mitigates the costs associated with
    onsite quarterly or annual battery testing which reduces the number of
    truck rolls and carbon emissions.
  • The battery failure alarm eliminates the need for premature ‘rip
    and replace’ battery replacements, which extends the life of the
    battery by 1-4 years.

Increased Reliability & Reduced Downtime

  • BatteryInformer® monitors the battery’s SOH, sending automated
    alerts when your battery is reaching its end of life, prior to
  • BatteryInformer® is up to 40% more reliable than onsite manual battery
    testing; no more inaccurate test readings due to baseline errors,
    technician inaccuracy, or analytical errors.
  • Hardening battery plants and networks increases the reliability of
    your back-up power system.

Easily Installed In Existing Infrastructure

  • Easy-to-use design for use by the non-battery experts.
  • Works with all VRLA and SLA batteries and any string size.
  • NO third party monitoring required.
  • NO software required.
  • Semi-permanently affixed to the battery, can be re-used with
    replacement batteries and has a life expectancy of 15 years.

How BatteryInformer® Works

BatteryInformer® performs Onboard-Battery-Monitoring™, creating and
constantly monitoring a unique baseline for each individual battery.

BatteryInformer® then tests against this unique baseline every
minute, analyzing the battery’s state-of-health and sending an alarm as
well as activating a flashing red light when the battery is reaching its
end of life.

All battery SOH monitoring analytics are performed Onboard the battery,
and you are only notified when the batteries need to be replaced.

Intelligent Batteries

Since BatteryInformer® is intelligent, it automatically learns each
individual battery’s baselines. It then measures the ohmic reading every
day and trends that measurement to the individual baseline. Compensating
for temperature, it alarms when it is time to replace your batteries, prior
to failure.

By remotely monitoring your battery SOH and alerting you only when
batteries need replacing, you eliminate the need to replace batteries
prematurely with inefficient “rip and replace,” as well as costly field
testing battery maintenance methodologies.

Extended Battery Life

BatteryInformer® is designed to extend the usable life of the
battery by 1-4 years in the field, which leverages your substantial existing battery
investment. It also lowers your operating expenses on battery maintenance
while increasing the reliability of your back-up power system.

BatteryInformer® Applications

Not only does BatteryInformer® lower the cost of battery monitoring
through it’s “Onboard” battery monitoring solution, allowing for lower
equipment and installation costs with no ongoing monitoring, but it does so
for about the same cost as existing batteries.

This makes BatteryInformer® the right solution for a wide array of


BatteryInformer® is a perfect solution for the ongoing power needs
of the telecom industry.

Not only does OnBoard-Battery-Monitor™ technology increase site
hardening and reliability, but also decreases ongoing maintenance
costs by eliminating inefficient battery maintenance methodologies like
manual battery testing and premature battery replacement.

For about the same price as you are paying today for just a battery, we
offer a “Smart Battery” which includes 24/7 monitoring and extended

Perfect for:

  • Wireless Carriers
  • Back Haul
  • CATV

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

The BatteryInformer® OnBoard-Battery-Monitor™ helps sustain
operations when losing power is not an option by hardening battery plants,
increasing reliability by up to 40%, and reducing operating expenses.

Perfect for industries that need reliable power, such as:

  • Datacenters
  • Military Applications
  • Railroad and traffic signals


The BatteryInformer® OnBoard-Battery-Monitor™ reduces ongoing
maintenance costs while increasing reliability.

Perfect for utility applications such as:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Solar


When critical systems can’t go down, BatteryInformer’s®
OnBoard-Battery-Monitor™ technology gives you the peace of mind of knowing
that your generator batteries are ready.

BatteryInformer® helps keep power running to critical infrastructure
such as:

  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Transportation

Commercial Applications

The BatteryInformer’s® OnBoard-Battery-Monitor™ technology is useful in
a wide range of commercial applications – anywhere that consistent and
reliable power is needed:

  • Smoke and Fire Alarms
  • Elevators